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The Easy Loan Site is the website of a company that brings multiple quotes from loan companies to each of its customers. After entering information about their status, the site brings back a number of companies that should be able to give a loan quote to each of its customers. Loans are offered by Credit Rating Score, so its helps to know this before you use the site. The site gives recommendations for:

The Easy Loan Site loan contacts support loans on the following types of properties:

This company is Verisign Trusted and has a rating of A with the Better Business Bureau. Interestingly, I put in data for my home which is under water, yet was still able to find companies to look at my situation. Wow!

The Easy Loan Site: What makes it different?

Customers using the Easy Loan Site receive the following advantages:

  • Able to enter their information one time, yet receive multiple quotes for a loan
  • Companies used by Easy Loan are all legitimate companies with years of experience
  • Contacts from suggested loan companies happen in 48 hours or less in most cases
  • Loans for most of the quotes are completed in 30 days or less on most homes
  • Owners of multiple types of properties can find loans all in one place to bring order to their finances
  • Site is free to sue for those seeking loans; any fees are paid by the lenders
  • Clients are under no obligation to talk or pursue a loan with any vendor
  • Site is easy to access from any internet connection
The Easy Loan Site vs. primary competitors (sites similar to The Easy Loan Site) - Mortgage company that sets up several quotes for several loan programs for its clients.  The clients provide their loan information and they are contacted by email.  The company is able to provide both FHA and Freddie Mac.  Clients can select pre-approval loans as well.  Clients are not charged unless they agree to a loan, and there are multiple loan programs offered through this site. - Mortgage company that provides several sets of quotes from mortgage companies for its clients.  The quotes are free; and are returned via email in detail.  Clients are able to to receive daily quotes at different interest rates.  When an offer hits at their desired interest rate, the client is free to accept the deal.  A current display of the prime interest rate is on the website.

The Easy Loan Site: Pricing & packages

Normal types of pricing for various packages does not apply here.  To make use of this company is free for clients.  Whether a client saves or loses money eventually through this site depends on the choices a client makes with the loan company he or she chooses.  Hopefully, by using this site a client will save money over his old loan, or will save money by finding a better quote than the one a client currently has access to. 

In order to save money with this site, a client needs to carefully compare all options of the proposed lender agreement.  Things like variable interest, balloon payments, or other options to change terms of the agreement are listed in the account documents.  Taking on a mortgage is a big financial burden, and if you can afford it, best reviewed by a mortgage attorney.  Some websites charge the clients for these types of contacts; there are obviously free ones out there.  No client should pay for that type of service.

The Easy Loan Site: Product images & screenshots
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The Easy Loan Site: Customer reviews & comments

After some extensive research, I was able to find the following comment on The Easy Loan Site.  The site seems like it would be a help to anyone needing a new loan.  The site is most effective when a client has all needed information in regards to a loan at his or her disposal when using the site.

  • is not a direct lender, but this isn't a bad way to get 4 mortgage quotes quickly.  It is NOT all online, you fill out your info online and then you are called by the lenders they match you with.   Just make sure you're ready to start answering the phone and can be firm about what you want (most likely you want them to send you a Good Faith Estimate so you can compare all of the various options).
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Detailed review. Thank you Teresa. Voted up.

A good review here Teresa!

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